Sometimes rebellious, often charmingly eccentric, always at the cutting-edge: British fashion designers are certainly never dull.

As a global fashion capital, the region attracts creative talent from every corner of the world, resulting in an enviably diverse melting pot of ideas and aesthetics. Even within the UK each region has its own distinct clothing history, from London designer brands with punk-inspired, anarchic roots to Scotland's rich heritage of tartans, tweeds and twinsets.

Discover contemporary cosmopolitan dressing that's enlivened with multicultural influences, daring finishes and effortlessly sophisticated silhouettes.
British fashion designers
Sheer Tulle Triangle BraSheer Tulle Triangle Bra

Szabo Sihag

Sheer Tulle Triangle Bra

Silk Organza ShirtSilk Organza Shirt

Szabo Sihag

Silk Organza Shirt